Suggested wording on Labour Green New Deal

Conference notes

  • The urgent need to tackle the climate crisis has only increased since 2019 conference
  • The Green New Deal policy passed in 2019 was the most progressive climate policy adopted by Labour
  • The pandemic presents an crucial opportunity to reorganise society to tackle the crises of climate and capitalism through a socialist Green New Deal

Conference believes

  • Whilst “green” rhetoric is adopted across the political spectrum, only a socialist Green New Deal can transform society at the required speed  to minimise further climate damage, mitigate already locked in climate breakdown, and guarantee a just transition for workers
  • The cost of decarbonisation must be borne by the wealthiest, not the poorest.
  • Workers are best placed to decarbonise their industries, not bosses. Workplace democracy is vital to achieving a rapid transition to a zero-carbon economy that creates millions of new well-paid jobs

Conference calls on the Labour Party to:

• Work with the affiliated trade unions to roll out a mass program of Green New Deal political education

• Support workers in carbon-intensive industries to take action to decarbonise their workplaces

• Campaign on the policies agreed at the 2019 conference, as well as committing to:

• Abolishing all public subsidies for fossil fuels

• Taking the aviation sector into public control, a moratorium on airport expansion, dramatically reducing domestic and international flights, retraining aviation workers for an expanded network of free, green public transport

• Democratic public ownership of banking and finance, providing resources and economic leverage for the transition

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