Suggested wording for amendments to “ZeroCovid campaign” motions

The strikethroughs indicate deletions from text being circulated by ZeroCovid; the italics, additions.

This CLP notes the catastrophic handling of the pandemic by the Tory government

Over 100,000 deaths, with the majority now occurring in this second wave

The government’s approach – to keep things open until they get bad enough to close – is exactly the opposite of the approach needed; which is to drive down infections to the point that they can be controlled and managed until the virus is eliminated.

Therefore this CLP believes:

• That the Party nationally – and the front bench in Parliament – should be calling for a Zero COVID strategy – designed to eliminate the virus not try to “live with” it.

• This is a strategy that has effectively eliminated the virus in many Pacific and East Asian countries, societies that are reopening safely and their economies are recovering

This strategy requires many actions including:

A proper We call on Labour to support continuing the current lockdown that lasts as long as needed long enough, with only careful and well-monitored step-by-step easing, to drive the number of cases down to the very low levels of last summer and beyond. so that we can get the virus under control, begin to reopen society safely and finally break the cycle of lockdowns following this zero COVID strategy. Labour should, until case numbers are much lower internationally or rapid testing improves drastically, support publicly-provided Covid quarantine for all entrants to the country with limited exceptions such as truck-drivers with essential supplies

Alongside this the lockdown period to be used to fix Labour must also press for a public-health “Find, Test, and Trace, and Isolate, and Support” operation so that when society reopens cases can be targeted and isolated. That means ending the role of the profiteers such as Serco and investing in the NHS so it can deliver this key service.

To make these measures effective against the virus, and to limit the social costs of lockdowns and quarantines, we call on Labour to back the following measures of social solidarity:

• The right to self-isolate on full pay for all. Public provision of alternative accommodation for people in crowded housing who need to self-isolate.

• Take social care into public ownership and reorganise it as a free, well-funded public service, with its staff on public-sector pay and conditions

• Requisition Big Pharma to allow maximum production of vaccines to meet worldwide need; requisition industry to secure adequate supplies of PPE; take NHS logistics and supply in-house

• Private hospitals to be taken into emergency public ownership and integrated into the NHS. A 15% pay rise for NHS workers.

• Workers’ control over workplace safety. Reworking of all workplace risk assessments to deal with new virus variants

• Extension and strengthening of the furlough and self-employed support schemes.

This CLP agrees to send this resolution to Keir Starmer, the Shadow Cabinet, the NEC and to circulate to all members

For background see and For the elimination of smallpox see

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