Suggested text for motions on “get Labour on the streets”, February 2020

We call on the leadership, and the Labour Party at every level, to launch sustained drive of activity on the streets to force concessions from the Tory government on rebuilding the NHS and social care, saving our schools and colleges, and ending austerity.
This sustained campaign should include large national demonstrations, such as the labour movement organised against cuts in the 1970s and after 2010, or over unemployment after 1980, as well as local actions and on-the-streets support for community and workplace battles against austerity.
In all this activity Labour should advocate positive answers in line with our 2019 conference policies.
This is the way to push back the Tories, and also the way to generate the political education and momentum to defeat the Tories at the next general election.

[Note: The wording can be adjusted for time and place:

  1. to mention large demonstrations and specifically advocate the LP take them up, co-sponsor them, mobilise for them (for example, if Health Campaigns Together should call a demonstration about the NHS)
  2. to specify local activities which your ward or CLP might do (campaign against specific local cuts, unionisation or worker-rights campaign at a local workplace, work with Acorn or private renters’ campaigns…)]

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