Suggested wording on Labour Party ban, for affiliated union branches and for LP branches and CLPs

We call on the National Executive to reverse the ban imposed on Workers’ Liberty by the Labour Party National Executive on 29 March 2022.

The Labour Party will be better able to defeat the Tories if we organise as a broad church, with disciplinary action only after due process and for specific harmful actions

The terms of this particular ban flout natural justice in that:

• Members are made subject to exclusion for actions such as giving interviews to a newspaper or attending a meeting years ago, when such actions were commonplace, with no indication that they broke Labour Party rules

• Members are exempted from the risk of exclusion if they attend a meeting to debate. This is a welcome exemption. But logically this exemption should apply to all those who attend the meetings (the essence of which is debate) and contribute to the paper (which is a forum of debate).

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