Suggested wording on Coventry bins strike, February-March 2022

Support the Coventry strikers!

This Labour Party notes:
1. That Coventry council’s refuse drivers have been on strike since 31 January, and will be until at least 23 March, to demand better wages.
2. Coventry refuse drivers’ starting salary is just over £22,000 a year.
3. That the workers’ union, Unite, estimates that it would cost £250,000 to meet the strike’s demands, but that the council has spent over £3 million to break the strike, paying scabs £18-20 where its normal drivers are paid £11.49-14.37.
4. That Unite has threatened to cut its funding to the party as a result of the dispute.

This Labour Party resolves
1. To call on Coventry council to stop messing around and meet the strikers’ demands.
2. To send the strikers a solidarity message; donate £… to their strike fund and ask our members to donate; and invite a speaker.
3. To call on Labour councils and councillors to join with workers to fight for more funding from the government.

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