Petition on public ownership of high finance, August 2021

The big banks and financial institutions should be taken into public ownership and reorganised on a democratic, public-service basis. This is necessary to comprehensively terminate the financial system’s huge and ongoing investments in fossil fuels and other environmentally damaging industries; and redirect
its resources towards combating climate change, creating green and socially useful jobs, rebuilding public services, and attacking poverty and inequality.

In 2019 the Trades Union Congress (TUC), at its congress representing almost all trade unions in the UK, passed policy proposed by the Fire Brigades Union to campaign for public ownership of the banks and high finance. However it has not acted on it. We call on the TUC and trade unions to campaign actively for
this policy, and push the Labour Party to adopt and campaign for it. We call on the Green Party to adopt and campaign for this policy.

Download here

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