Suggested wording on violence against women

This branch believes:

·         That we must fight to end violence against women and girls

·         Women should be free from violence and harassment in public spaces

·         Women should be safe in their homes

This branch notes:

·         An investigation by UN Women UK found that 97% of women aged 18-24 have been sexually harassed, with a further 96% not reporting those situations because of the belief that it would not change anything

·         Most women murder victims are murdered by partners or ex partners[1]

·         Successive rounds of funding cuts have severely cut funding to the domestic violence and sexual abuse sector[2]

This branch believes:

·         Violence against women is not biologically written; it can be promoted or diminished by improving material conditions of women and cultural change

·         We can reduce violence against women and girls by increasing social equality, gender equality, promoting consent, respect and empathy, in sexual and non sexual relationships

·         Services that allow women to leave unsafe homes could save lives, these include free transport, easily accessed public housing and specialist domestic violence services

·         The scale of sexual and gendered violence in society is enormous and the resources needed to tackle it — through education and prevention, and through rehabilitating offenders – should be made available

·         Reforms to criminal justice system should not focus on new legislation, rather complaints being taken seriously and investigated fully, and victims being better supported

This Branch will campaign for:

·         Reversal of the cuts to public service

·         Full funding for sexual and domestic violence services, under local authority control, including specialised BME, LGBT+ and disabled women’s services

·         An education system that promotes positive relationships, respect, empathy and consent and gives children the confidence to challenge inappropriate behaviour

This Branch will:

  •     Begin a discussion with our membership about how to fight abuse and sexual harassment in the workplace
  •   [industry specific demands/ workplace demands]

[1] The femicide report in 2020 revealed 61% of women murder victims were killed by a partner or ex partner whilst 6% of femicides (9 victims) were committed by a stranger


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