Suggested wording on Israel-Gaza, 13 May 2021

This …. opposes the Israeli state’s intensifying national oppression of the Palestinian people, and discrimination against the Palestinian minority within Israel itself. We express our solidarity with labour movement, left-wing, anti-racist, and pro-peace activists in Israel and Palestine fighting for a just settlement based on mutual recognition and self-determination.

We oppose Israel’s bombing of Gaza, a brutally disproportionate assault, using overwhelming military force against a blockaded population. We also oppose Hamas’s rocket attacks against civilian targets in Israel, and support calls for a ceasefire.

We call for an end to the growing discrimination and racism against Arab citizens of Israel, including the police repression and evictions which helped spark the current events. We support Palestinians within Israel and in the Occupied Territories in their struggles against racism and for full equality of civil and national rights.

We call for withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Occupied Territories, evacuation of settlements, an end to the blockade of Gaza, and the creation of a genuinely independent Palestinian state alongside Israel, with the same rights as Israel.

We stand with our Palestinian and Israeli comrades, against Israel’s radical right government, the insurgent far right movements supporting it, and the far right chauvinists of Hamas. We will organise a public meeting with a speaker from Standing Together, a left-wing, Arab-Jewish social justice movement in Israel.

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