Motion against council cuts passed by Notts Trades Council 9 February 2021 (abridged)

  1. The Trades Council is opposed to all cuts to public services.
  2. We will work with any interested party in the trade unions and local labour movement in pursuit of this position.
  3. Budgetary constraints imposed by central government place the Labour group on Nottingham City Council in a very difficult position – either pass cuts on to its workers and service users, or refuse to implement them and build a mass campaign of support, here in Nottingham and appealing to other Labour councils to take the same stand.

This means councillors must vote against a cuts budget, instead voting for a budget to meet need. This position should be used to build support for councillors’ resistance in workplaces and local communities throughout the city. 

The Trades Council instructs its officers to:

  1. Attempt to meet with local councillors and union leaders to ask them to join the anti-cuts campaign.
  2. Articulate our position in a press release.
  3. Contact other trades councils through the TUC to organise an urgent online meeting to discuss what campaigns are taking place in other parts of the country, with the aim of building pressure on the Tory government to reverse the cuts and on Labour councils to refuse to implement them.

For information on how, historically, Labour local authorities have defied central government and won, see:

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