Suggested wording for motions on India, March 2021

1. That in September 2020 the far right-dominated Indian parliament passed three laws deregulating the prices, sale and storage of agricultural produce, making the country’s farmers and rural workers more vulnerable to the shifts of the market and the power of corporations. These laws have sparked a huge protest movement, millions strong, by farmers and farm labourers.
2. That the movement gained new strength in December when it linked up with a general strike against privatisation and attacks on workers’ rights; and again at the end of January after police attacked a protest in Delhi.
3. That the Modi government has responded with repression. There have been numerous deaths, and arrests and prosecutions of farmers, trade unionists, climate activists, journalists and opposition MPs.
4. That the movement has seen growing solidarity between people of different religions, castes and regions; strong involvement of women; and widespread networks of protest, democratic organising and cultural life.

1. That this struggle demands solidarity, as a fight for the rights of working people against neo-liberalism – and as a progressive and democratic challenge to a vicious regime that is not only neo-liberal but authoritarian, nationalist and religious-sectarian.

1. To circulate this motion and information about the struggle in India to our members, and to other Labour Parties and union branches [adapt as appropriate].
2. To organise a solidarity photo at this or a future meeting.
3. To invite a speaker from South Asia Solidarity group.
4. To write to the Leader’s Office and NEC calling for a strong public stance in support of the Indian farmers and condemnation of the Modi government’s repression.

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