Suggested wording for motions in support of struggle in India, February 2021

This CLP stands in solidarity with the ongoing mass farmers’ protests and other social struggles in India, against the radical neo-liberal and far-right communalist policies of the Modi government.

This CLP condemns the regime’s brutal repression against the farmers and their supporters, honour those who have died, and demand the dropping of charges against and release of those arrested – including militant young labour activist Nodeep Kaur, who has been denied bail and tortured and sexually assaulted in jail, her union comrade Shiv Kumar, and student climate campaigner Disha Ravi – as well as India’s many other political prisoners.

This CLP belives Modi and the BJP first came to power there has been a range of resistance movements, including repeated general strikes against privatisation and attacks on workers’ rights, student struggles, protests against anti-Muslim and exclusionary changes to citizenship laws, protests against the repression in Kashmir – and now this powerful farmers’ movement. These struggles urgently need heightened international awareness and solidarity.

This CLP notes the close links between the UK’s Tory government and the Modi regime (including donors who bankroll both).
This CLP agrees to call on the UK Labour Party to take firm, vocal stands against Modi and the BJP, in support of India’s resistance and in support of those arrested. We will circulate this motion to our MP and the NPF.

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