Suggested wording on National Care Service (draft for Labour Party conference 2021)

Conference believes that the profound crises in social care can be tackled effectively only by ending decades of underfunding, fragmentation, privatisation and casualised employment. That means bringing the entire sector, both care homes and home care provision, into integrated, democratic and accountable public ownership, as a completely free, publicly-funded and publicly-provided service, with high standards of care and workers on pay, terms and conditions as good as those of directly-employed NHS workers (including decent sick pay for all). Responsibility for funding social care should rest with the national exchequer, with funds distributed to local authorities on the basis of population served (age, deprivation, etc) and the cost of care.

This is, in broad outline, what a “National Care Service” should mean – alongside a properly funded, comprehensive and fully public NHS.

We note the inspiring struggles being waged by care workers to improve their rights and the service they provide.**

Conference resolves that the party will work with care workers, their unions and health and social campaigners to build a powerful campaign for a National Care Service as outlined above.

** for instance at the Sage nursing home in North London,

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