Suggested wording on Poplar centenary

This union notes that in 1921, the east London borough of Poplar fought back against the unfair rating system that penalised poor boroughs at a time of high unemployment and extreme poverty. Thousands of people protested and after the Labour council refused to collect and hand over part of the rates, thirty councillors [including members of our predecessor union/s]* went to prison.

Their defiance won an important victory, forcing the government to change the rating system to make rich boroughs pay more in and poor borough get more out. This union further notes that a series of events is being held this year to celebrate the centenary of the Poplar rates rebellion.
This union believes that there are many parallels between the situation that Poplar faced then and the situation that we face now, and that we can take inspiration and learn lessons from their successful struggle.

This union resolves to:

1. support and publicise the Poplar100 events

2. invite a speaker from the organising committee to a future meeting

3. donate £x to the centenary events organising committee

* include the wording in brackets for RMT, Unite, NEU, CWU, GMB, USDAW, NUJ

More information, contact and payment details here:

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