Suggested wording to condemn Keir Starmer’s U-turn on free movement, January 2021

This branch

Notes Keir Starmer’s remarks in a 10 January interview in which he says that there “is no argument for re-opening” the question of free movement.

Notes Keir Starmer’s pledge as candidate for leader of the Labour Party that he would “defend free movement as we leave the EU” and his promise on 31 January 2020 made to the Mirror on freedom of movement: “bring back, argue for, challenge”.

Disapproves of Starmer’s 10 January comments in the strongest terms.

Re-affirms its support for the 2019 Labour Party conference policy to “maintain and extend free movement rights”.

Resolves to support the efforts of the Labour Campaign for Free Movement to assert the 2019 Conference policy and circulate its website to members:

Supporting notes:

Background: 31/1/20 Keir Starmer, asked if he would bring back free movement for EU citizens, told the Mirror: “Yes of course – bring back, argue for, challenge” ttps://

To Andrew Marr, 10/1/21

Full text of 2019 free movement motion here: 

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