Updated suggested wording on the pandemic, January 2021

We call on Labour to campaign for:

• The right to self-isolate on full pay for all. Public provision of alternative accommodation for people in crowded housing who need to self-isolate.

• A public test-and-trace operation, not a mess contracted out through organisations like Serco.

• Private hospitals to be taken into emergency public ownership and integrated into the NHS. A 15% pay rise for NHS workers.

• Take social care into public ownership and reorganise it as a free, well-funded public service, with its staff on public-sector pay and conditions

• Requisition Big Pharma to allow maximum production of vaccines to meet worldwide need; requisition industry to secure adequate supplies of PPE; take NHS logistics and supply in-house

• Workers’ control over workplace safety. Reworking of all workplace risk assessments to deal with new virus variants

• Extension and strengthening of the furlough and self-employed support schemes.

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