Suggested wording for motions on EHRC report and on suspensions, November-December 2020

Draft wording for motions

Antisemitism is a genuine problem in the Labour Party; denying or minimising that obstructs our ability to tackle it. As confirmed by the EHRC report, the party has failed to deal with this and failed to comply with the Equality Act. Labour can only now do so effectively if it facilitates debate and organises political education enabling members to recognise antisemitism in its various forms – including those which disguise themselves in the language of the left.

This CLP resolves to write to the General Secretary and the NEC to express opposition to what we see as lack of respect for democracy and freedom of discussion in recent decisions.

Additional commentary, December 2020

Motions on the above lines have had the originally-drafted last two sentences ruled out of order

Bureaucratic suspensions hinder this process rather than help it. We oppose the blanket ban on discussing this issue as well as other suspensions and call for it be rescinded
… although they do not specifically comment on any particular disciplinary procedure.

A number of officials of CLPs have been suspended for allowing motions deemed to breach HQ restrictions on debate. Angela Rayner has threatened “thousands and thousands” of suspensions to follow. In fact it looks like LP HQ is being selective with suspensions.

For left-wing CLP officers to defy the HQ restrictions looks likely just to get them picked off and sidelined, rather to create a “we are all Spartacus” effect which forces HQ to back down. Better to choose wording which makes a pro-democracy stance clear without inviting suspensions.

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