Suggested wording for a motion against cutting-off of sick pay for Tube cleaners

This branch notes that Transport for London and cleaning contractor ABM have withdrawn an agreement made with the RMT union at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic that outsourced Tube cleaners would be paid in full for periods of sickness and self-isolation.
This branch further notes that there is no contractual entitlement to occupational sick pay for Tube cleaners, who are normally only paid Statutory Sick Pay.
This branch believes that the refusal of TfL and ABM to give an ongoing guarantee of full sickness and isolation pay for all cleaners, for as many periods of isolation as necessary, is a scandal that puts cleaners themselves, their workmates, and the travelling public at risk. As a union branch organising workers who use the Tube, our own members are affected by this scandal.
This branch believes that a right to full sickness and isolation pay is an essential infection control measure. If workers cannot afford to self-isolate, the virus will continue to spread and more lives will be lost.
This branch further believes that cleaning workers, who are on the front lines of confronting the pandemic, must be treated with dignity.
[For LPs: This branch further believes that ultimate responsibility for the working conditions of all workers on TfL lies with the Mayor of London, who chairs the TfL board. For a Labour mayor to be overseeing this injustice and exploitation is a scandal.]
This branch therefore resolves:

– To write to the London Transport Region of RMT to express our support for their campaign for full sick pay, staff travel passes, improved pensions, and direct employment for Tube cleaners

– To write to TfL, London Underground, ABM, and the Mayor of London to demand, on behalf of our members who travel on the Tube, that they guarantee full sickness and isolation pay for all Tube workers, including outsourced cleaners

– [To submit this motion to all Trades Councils and Constituency Labour Parties to which this branch is affiliated.]

– [To work with others in the labour movement to organise a safely-distanced protest at [location?] to raise this demand.]

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