Suggested amendments to the SWP-promoted “People before Profit” text


We support the following demands and ask the organisers of the Emergency Program to include them:

• Crucial to safety is the right of all workers to isolate on full pay, and radically improved sick pay for all. We support the Safe & Equal campaign fighting for these demands.
• In addition to repeal of all anti-trade union laws, we call for their replacement with strong positive legal rights for workers and unions, including to strike and picket. We support the Free Our Unions campaign fighting for these demands.
• To radically re-organise the economy and society, including to tackle climate change, we demand public ownership and democratic control of the banking and financial sector, in line with the policy passed at TUC Congress in 2012 and 2019.
• We need an internationalist response to the crisis, including majorly increased aid to poorer countries. Internationalism must include a strong stand for migrants’ rights, including fighting to scrap ‘No Recourse to Public Funds’ and other limits on access to services, close detention centres, and defend and extend free movement.
• We call on Labour to adopt these demands, and will work with Labour bodies and activists for this to happen.

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