Draft updated wording on pandemic and job cuts, September 2020 (updated 14 Oct 20)

To minimise the further toll of the pandemic, and to prevent mass unemployment, we call on Labour to campaign for:

• The right to self-isolate on full pay for all. Public provision of alternative accommodation for people in crowded housing who need to self-isolate.

• A public test-and-trace operation, not a mess contracted out through organisations like Serco.

• Private hospitals to be taken into emergency public ownership and integrated into the NHS. A 15% pay rise for NHS workers.

• Take social care into public ownership and reorganise it as a free, well-funded public service, with its staff on public-sector pay and conditions

• Take NHS logistics and supply in-house, and requisition industry to secure adequate supplies of PPE

• Workers’ control over workplace safety.

• Extension and strengthening of the furlough and self-employed support schemes after 31 October, until adequate replacements.

• A shorter working week with no loss of pay to help create jobs. Shift to a standard working week of four days or 32 hours.

• Expansion of directly-employed public-sector jobs in health, social care and other public services, and of council house-building.

• Take the manufacturing and aviation giants declaring job cuts into public ownership, and convert to green and socially useful production.

• Action to protect sports, arts and culture, through employment protection measures, substantial financial support, and providing well-funded, publicly-owned and community-based facilities such as sports clubs, theatres, libraries, galleries and music venues. Reject the dismissive attitude that workers in the culture sector can simply abandon their vocation and train for other jobs.

• Taking the banking and financial sector into public ownership and democratic control to restart and reorganise the economy and fund an expansion of jobs, services, etc.

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