Draft text on Belarus, August 2020

We totally condemn the brutal attacks made on anti-government Belarusian workers by the security forces of Lukashenko and the implementation of de facto martial law.

Mass demonstrations and strikes in Minsk, Grodno, Brest and across Belarus followed the rigged nature of the election of Lukashenko as President. They show the fake nature of the election result and the huge unpopularity of the Lukashenko regime.

Political arrests of oppositional politicians and the use of torture have long been a feature of Lukashenko’s regime. They have intensified since the election of August 9 with an additional 7,000 workers and protestors arrested with most still in prison. During these weeks the violent attacks of the security forces and the use of torture have been widely circulated on social media by Belarus citizens.

– We support the demands of the Belarus people and workers that Lukashenko should go immediately and new elections be held.

– All those imprisoned for protesting against the rigged election result should be immediately released and charges dropped.

– We oppose intervention by Putin, whether it be military or in any other form. Lukashenko’s government has no right to speak for the people of Belarus, so any request it may make for the Russian military or police to help it put down the protests cannot be legitimate.

– We will send a message of solidarity to the national strike committee coordinating the workers’ opposition in the factories of Minsk, the mines of Soligorsk and across Belarus.

– We offer solidarity with the resurgent independent trade unions (Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions, Belarusian Independent Trade Union, BNP) and all unions fighting against state repression, denial of union rights, casual contracts generally enforced on Belarus workers, continuing pension cuts and further privatisation of the economy.

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