NRPF and migrant rights: suggested wording, August 2020

We note with horror the case of Mercy Baguma, a Ugandan woman who was found dead alongside her malnourished baby on 22 August. But, while shocking, what was done to her is not surprising in the context of the appalling policies that have been implemented under successive governments.

The Labour Party should be loudly protesting this outrage. But such protests will only be substantial if we commit to fighting for policies to prevent such things.

We urgently demand equal rights to work and equal access to decent social security for everyone in the UK. This includes the complete abolition of ‘No Recourse to Public Funds’.

This is necessary both to end the treating of many migrants as pariahs, and more broadly to protect and promote the rights of everyone.

More broadly, we demand:

– The dismantling of the anti-migrant legislative and bureaucratic apparatus built up to vast proportions over the last thirty years, in line with the pro-migrant policy passed at party conference last
– A halt to all immigration raids and deportations, and granting indefinite and irrevocable residency rights to all migrants living in the UK
– An urgent end to cuts to public services and fast reversal of all cuts since 2009.

We will publish this resolution, circulate it as widely as possible, call on other Labour Parties and union branches to pass similar and send it to the Leader’s Office and NEC.

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