Black Lives Matter: model motion July 2020

We welcome and support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Policing is racist in the UK as well as in the USA, with, for example, black people being nine times as likely to be stopped and searched than white people.

We want Labour to campaign for:

• curbing police powers, including an end to stop-and-search, a shift to public-health policies to control drugs rather than criminalisation, an end to the “gang matrix” and “joint enterprise” laws (and review of all convictions under these laws), and disarming the police

• democratic accountability of the police to elected local authorities, including in operational matters

• adequate funding of mental health and community services so that mental-health crises are dealt with by mental-health workers, not police

• closure of immigration detention centres, an end to “No Recourse to Public Funds” and the NHS surcharge, and defence and extension of free movement

• a steep reduction in the number of people imprisoned.

We also recognise that exploitation and economic inequality widens racial inequality. A racially just society can only be created if the labour movement transforms itself to become capable of winning a new economic life centred on solidarity and social provision and equality for all, rather than on profit-making.

We want Labour to campaign:

• for equality in employment

• to reverse outsourcing in public services, which has created super-exploited workforces with high concentrations of people of colour and migrants

• for jobs with secure contracts and union pay rates for all

• for a cut in the working week with no loss of pay

• for free and well-funded education for all, in which schools teach about the history of slavery and colonialism and the struggles against them in more than just Black History Month

• for mass expansion of council housing to provide high quality affordable housing for all.

We support efforts by trade unionists to organise the unorganised, and to make unions more reflective, at leadership level, of the workforces they organise. We support BAME committees within unions having more power to organise campaigns, rather than merely being “advisory”.

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