Suggested text for motions on solidarity with trade unions in HK

This [union body] condemns the arrest and charges made in Hong Kong on Lee Cheuk Yan, veteran trade union organiser of the HKCTU, founder member of the Labour Party and former councillor to the territory’s ruling Legislative Council (LegCo).
Lee is charged with ‘illegal assembly’ at a demonstration a full six months earlier. His arrest came on the same day as at least two other prominent democracy activists on the same charge. Many others have been arrested, including a number of trade unionist activists. They indicate a serious clampdown by the Hong Kong authorities on democracy protestors following a period of reduced political protests during the Coronavirus epidemic.
Trade unions have been at the centre of the battle of democracy in Hong Kong. They have grown dramatically since the 2 million strong demonstration on 1st Jan.
The Labour Party along with other pro-democracy parties are expected to strengthen their representation in the directly elected part of the LegCo.
• We salute the HKCTU and the many other new pro-democracy unions being formed in Hong Kong.
• We support the Hong Kong democracy movement’s Five Demands, including their demand for universal suffrage and for a government accountable to its people.
• We demand an end to the police and legal repression in Hong Kong, and end to the white terror where workers are threatened in the workplace.
• We demand that all charges are dropped on our comrade Lee Cheuk Yan and will communicate this urgently to the Chief Executive of Hong Kong.

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