Suggested text for motions on Covid-19

We call on the Labour Party and TUC to demand that the government:

1. release emergency extra funding to the NHS to help it to deal with Covid-19, including money for emergency extra premises and staff if required; and allocate funds for production under public ownership of gowns, masks, etc. needed by NHS staff and in short supply;

2. release emergency extra funding to local authorities, to help them provide support locally;

3. put high finance under public ownership and democratic control to forestall the risk of a credit implosion and snowballing economic crisis;

4. legislate to compel payment of full sick pay from day one to all, and paid leave for workers obliged to stay home to care for children if schools are closed; and as a safety net institute payment of Universal Credit without delay and in advance.

We call on employers:

1. to publish their plans for dealing with Covid-19 risks; to discuss those with the trade unions, with the help of as much qualified advice as available; and to concede that the trade unions, as the chief democratic and representative bodies of the people who make the workplace function, should have the decisive voice here;

2. to institute full sick pay and paid leave, as above.

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