Suggested text for motions on Iran and Iraq, February 2020

Though the threat of a US-Iranian war in the Middle East seems to have receded – for now – it is crucial the international left and labour movement remain on guard against a conflict which would bring even more death and destruction in the region.

We oppose US and Iranian attempts to dominate. We call for an end to UK support for US foreign policy, and for the Saudi war in Yemen.

We stand in solidarity with the ongoing workers’ struggles and movements for democracy which have recently surged in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon – movements to which both the US and Iranian regimes are of course hostile. We note the new upsurge of democracy protests in Iraq (February 2020), including protests for women’s rights.

We will seek to build links with socialist, trade unionist, women’s rights and democracy activists in the region. We will invite a speaker from the Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign which supports workers’ struggles in Iran.

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