Suggested text for motions on “Free Our Unions”

This branch notes that Britain has what Tony Blair proudly called “the most restrictive labour laws in Western Europe.”

Anti-trade union laws were introduced under Thatcher and Major, left on the statute books under Blair and Brown, and added to by Cameron. 

This branch further notes that Boris Johnson’s new Tory government plans to further restrict workers’ and trade union rights by banning effective strike action in the rail and transport industries, with a new law requiring a minimum service be run during transport strikes. 

This branch believes the entire labour movement, including the Labour Party, must oppose these laws using every means at our disposal. 

[As a rail/transport union, these laws directly target our members’ ability to take action to defend and improve our conditions.]

This branch also acknowledges that, in the history of our movement, unjust laws have sometimes had to be broken. 

This branch resolves:

  • To work with the Free Our Unions campaign and others organising to stop the imposition of the new anti-strike law. 
  • To add our branch as a signatory to the current Free Our Unions statement, calling for united resistance to the new laws.
  • Invite a speaker from Free Our Unions to a future branch meeting. 
  • [Call on our NEC to approach other rail/transport unions to jointly organise a national demonstration against this law, and for the repeal of all existing anti-union laws, as soon as feasibly possible.]
  • To contact local Labour Party branches and Trades Councils in our area to suggest joint meetings/activity about this issue.
  • To ask that this motion be distributed to all branches via branch correspondence.


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